The Vegas Reboot Project is a Las Vegas community effort to restart the Las Vegas economy and help local businesses recover from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.


The project encourages local Las Vegas residents and tourists to patronize our businesses as they reopen and encourage their friends, relatives, and anyone within reach of their social network to come and enjoy themselves in the safe, secure environment of the newly reopened Las Vegas.


Vegas Reboot combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Image Recognition (IR), along with advanced Loyalty marketing technologies, to reward both local Las Vegas residents and out-of-town tourists for driving more business to Las Vegas and increasing foot traffic into local establishments.

Confidence and Trust

Convert your existing HealthSafety, and Social Distance protocols into Live Digital Billboards.


Showcase Confidence and Trust by encouraging your on premises Customers to snap photos of your HealthSafety, and Social Distance Protocols and Sanitizing Stations to encourage more Customers to patronize your Business.

Incentives and Rewards

Incentify your on premises Customers to earn and share Rewards generated by ssnapping the Health, Safety, and Social Distance protocols and signage.


Your on premises Customers become active, live Social Influencers that effectively promote your HealthSafety, and Social Distancing Protocols.

More Foot Traffic = More Business

The ssnappEye platform creates and spreads Positive Word of Mouth when on premises Customers offer Incentives and give Rewards to their friends and family via social media, email, text, etc.


Your own Customers become your Confidence and Trust Building Marketing Network!

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